Whether illuminating a dramatic ballroom with electric color or transforming a private residence with romantic ambiance, lighting has a huge impact on the mood of any event. We can help you design a lighting package to reflect the style of your special event and enhance your chosen locale.


Perhaps a round, seamless dance floor is better suited to your event than a traditional square dance floor. At Empty Vase, we understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach to special events. We work to determine the perfect color, size and shape of flooring and dance floors for cohesive and considered event design. We may also suggest treatments such as vinyl transfer or customized floor designs to create a truly unique finishing touch.


Though not always necessary, wall or ceiling draping can transform even the most ordinary rooms into an extraordinary space. From partial swaging of walls to stunning pullbacks that dramatically define entries and stages, elegant draping sets the scene for a magical and memorable event.


At the Empty Vase, every celebration begins with flowers. We offer beautifully customized ceremony and aisle treatments, personal flowers including bouquets and boutonnieres, cocktail pieces and place card table arrangements, centerpieces, cake florals, and floral installations to complement any location.

Floor Plans

Exceptional hospitality requires exceptional attention to detail. Allow our staff to help create unforgettable guest experiences through exquisite, comprehensive design of your event space.


As part of our holistic approach to event design, we are here to suggest unexpected elements to enhance the beauty and atmosphere of your event. From directional furniture to complimentary glassware, we ensure that every element comes together to embrace your special occasion with style.

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