Color Palette, Flowers, and Venues

It’s your wedding, birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, or even a corporate event. You are given the duty of event management and design. What will be the thing you will consider first? The most plausible answer would be the color scheme. Based on colors and venues, you set the theme of the event.

For different events, color palates are different. For example, for a birthday, brighter themes will be selected, while for a corporate event, the colors will be more subtle.

So let's talk about how different color palates and flowers can go well according to different events.


Ivory, Blue, and Pink

These three colors can be pulled together if you want a subtle yet colorful theme. You can blend up these colors in a way to create a magical hue and gradient. Blue and pink are statement colors, and when coupled with ivory, they can make a very cool look. Use different shades of blue and pink. Such color palates can be used on wedding events, birthdays, bridal showers, etc. it gives you a subtle yet bright vibe.


The flowers to complement this theme are hydrangeas and ivory roses. You can also put some decorations of pink carnations and lilies


The ideal venue can be somewhere in a house or hall. These colors are more of an event lifter, so you might not need an extra element by the outside venue. A basic white backdrop with daylight coming in the room with ivory, pink and blue colors can make the event magical and splendor.

Yellow and Blush Pink

The perfect colors for a summer event! These colors will blend in well for an outdoor event. Different shades of brighter yellow colors for the decorations and blush pink flowers can make the event look more summery. You can yellow and pink as the bridal shower theme and make the bridesmaids wear yellow dresses with a long pink gown for the bride to be. It can give a rather bohemian look to the event if it is a wedding event. For birthdays it can be an ideal color gradient.


The flowers that I will go for in such colors are daffodils and sunflowers. For the blush pink color, roses can do the job.


The colors are closer to nature so that you can plan an event with this color palate in outdoor venues. Most probably, parks and fields can go well with yellow and pink colors. For a birthday or business event, you can plan it on your house or offices' lawns.

Neutral Colors

Talking about subtlety and intricacy, how can we miss out on a basic neutral palette? Warmer shades of brown and beige can create a very cozy aura. You can pick out your favorite wooden furniture for the event. When going towards lighter colors, this color palette can be a great theme for a daytime event, and when darker brown and beige are coupled, it can suit well in a nighttime event.


Keeping the grounded element, you can use the husk as decorations in place of flowers. Trust me; it will give a very nice vintage sort of look. Willow branches can also elevate the decorations. If it is more ofa formal event, you can use ivory colored and green flowers.


If gone towards lighter tones, you can make it an outdoor event. Most probably, a city side venue can do well. If you plan a birthday or other celebratory event at night, you can darken the hues and plan an event in a club or restaurant. A more personal event like a birthday can be planned well with neutral tones in a wooden house.

Red and emerald

These colors are more rich and warmer tones. You can go for these shades in winter or fall events. A laid-back wedding or a small wedding anniversary can look very mystical with these shades. Emeralds and greens usually symbolize warmth and royalty. When it is coupled with gold, it can automatically make the event look more majestic. I had my birthday last year with the same theme. It is in December. All my friends, I wore emerald and maroon turtle necks with boots. The decorations were made with the same colors in a treehouse in the woods. It looked amazing.


There are various red flowers, but the ones that will go best with such colors are blooded red roses. A fully bloomed red rose can immediately make the red theme look more majestic and glamorous.


To complement the color palette, the best venues can be somewhere in the woods. If you want the event to look more majestic with gold elements in it, you can plan it in a wedding hall or a private bungalow.

Blue and Gold

Going towards muter shades, light blue is the best choice for an event. If it a corporate event or a personal event, these colors can ace both the events. You can use the blue color as an ombre shade. Different shades of blue couples with silver and gold are so soothing to eyes. This can be used for any event. If you want a bridal shower, a laid-back wedding event, official event, birthday, proposal, or any other event you can think. The hues of blue and gold can heighten the beauty of the event.


White lilies, irises, and light blue hydrangeas are the best flowers that can go with this color palate.


As the colors imply a cooler vibe, these colors can be used at a beach event. Decorate it with shells and pearls, and you will get a perfect beach wedding, or even you can plan a birthday with this theme.


With a deeper understanding of colors and hues, you can create the best event plan and color combination. Keep in mind the formality of the event and how you want the guests to feel. You can pull it all off with the colors, decorations, flowers, and venue. Know to differentiate among innate, cultural, and personal color tones. You can add fairy lights or other lightings to uplift the vibe of the event.